Les Dolomites Italiennes


Understanding the difference between Wapoints, Routes and Tracks, is needed to use a Satnav GPS device..

1. Waypoints

A WayPoint records in the device the GPS coordinates for a place you specify.

The record can be initiated:

  • on a trail: the hiker issues a command to the GPS to record the coordinates for the current location;
  • from absolute coordinates: the user enters a location latitude & longitude coordinates;
  • with a software tool on a digital map.

When you record a WayPoint, you can associate a name, an icon and even a photo with OruxMaps.



You can import Waypoints into your Navigation App. Then, you can tell the App to navigate towards that WayPoint. It will show you the heading direction and the approximate distance to it. See figures on the left.

Although Waypoints do help the navigation, you will find it hard on difficult trails. This is why we provide GuideBooks.






2. Routes

2014-03-26_175830The Route, aka Itinerary, consists of a chronological list of WayPoints (usually 50 for common GPS). Between Waypoints the trace is a straight line..









3. Tracks

2014-03-26_175936Track or Trace is actually very precise: it follows accurately the trail. It can hold 500 or 1000 points depending on the precision and the length of the Trace. (left)

If you add WayPoints, it is even more useful. (right)







OM31WayPoints, Routes or Track … All contribute to better position using a GPS and to stay on track with all needed informations available.

If you buy our guides, either pdf or printed version ordered via this web site, you get a complimentary link to download our traces 😉 .

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