Les Dolomites Italiennes


Hiking Italian Dolomites? Here are the most valuable guidebooks to discover safely the main sites.ico_France

Inquiring about our Guidebooks

Currently available in French with lots of maps and drawings, each guide (pdf or printed) is delivered with gpx traces electronic files, which can be uploaded to any SmartPhone hiking application or to a Hiking-GPS.

Guidebooks are available in PDF or Printed format


  • Volume 1: 50 itineraries in 14 areas around  Cortina d’Ampezzo (2020 FR edition).

Volume 1 Table of Contents and Sites location map (PDF document)

The volume 1 is 68 pages long printed in colors on format A4 paper


  • Volume 2: 59 itineraries in 12 areas around Corvara (2020 FR edition).

Volume 2 Table of Contents and Sites location map (PDF document)

The volume 2 is 77 pages long printed in colors on format A4 paper.


  • Volume 3: 50 itineraries in 12 areas around  Caprile-Alleghe (2018 FR edition).

Dolo3-2019_000-Sommaire-1 and sites location map ( PDF document)

The volume 3 is 92 pages long printed in colors on format A4 paper..

Volume 3 features lots of photos along with montains panorama view, enhanced with references. Volume 3 especially addresses:

  • Hikers who prefer backpacking accross the Dolomites: we are proposing some connection routes.
  • Modest hikers, and families with young children: we are fully describing wonderful routes, especially for them, whilst in parallel, for experienced endurant hikers, we have very nice routes with marvelous landscapes.
  • You need a car to reach the starting points.

Inquiring about our Guidebooks

Even if you are not fluent in French, the guidebook is very valuable and self-explanatory because of the following:

[1] Objectives

Each guide explores 10+ sites in the same region. For each site, you can choose a trail which will best fit your condition and your mood. Different trails are described that shall fit your needs and that shall reward you with great moments. Our routes are carefully selected with the following criteria:

  • beginner or experienced individuals
  • easy, moderate, sustained or strenuous effort
  • altitude, slope, length and risks
  • ability to walk with a family group, including children
  • seeking athletic challenges


3-0 Ter[2] Conception

For each area, a global map (illustrated: Volume 1 “Setsass – Col di Lana”) shows all proposed trails.

For each trail, a map and a detailed comprehensive description is provided as a single page.

Maps are extracted from Map data © OpenStreetMap.

The itineraries are drawn from the GPS tracks taken from our hikes.

The description provides directions and refers to Dolomites hiking routes numbering.


[DiaporamaSite (25)3] Safety First !


Hiking Dolomites mountains cannot be considered as being without any danger. Whatever your skills are, please remember that hiking must remain a pleasure.



Please do avoid taking unconsidered risks for yourself and for others.

Our Guidebooks are aimed at providing enough guidance ensuring you hike safely on all our routes.


[4] Highly valuable features !

  • introductory chapter

Prepare your trip, choose your area, facts about the region are addressed in 8 pages packed with photos, informations, hints and remarks about mountains, valleys, via Ferrata, Historical events and lots of things to see and visit during your stay.


  • commented panoramic views

Well appreciated and handy when discovering the landscapes.PanoramaCommenté

  • Elev 3-1Belevation profiles

WayPoints mentioned in the description are highlighted on the elevation profile for each trail described.

That is nice especially for beginners and for families walking with small children.


  • NoteDocumentairebriefing side notes

They will tell you more about special spots and tales in the area.





[5] Electronic files .gpx to download

ScreenMapFor each trail described, you can upload to your favourite GPS device, GPS Trace & WayPoints.