Les Dolomites Italiennes

Paper and Electronic Maps

Paper Maps are required, pack them in your bag:

(1) To get familiar with the region and to use in your car to reach Trails starting points.

(2) During the hike, to eventually find alternative trails and to visualize more globally the area.

We do recommend Kompass Maps, to buy ahead of your trip in following scales:


  • 1:50 000 plastified maps:
    • Kompass 55 « Cortina d’Ampezzo »
    • Kompass 57 « Brunico, Dobbiaco »










  • 1:35 000 set of 4 maps available on Amazon. (paper quality is not durable)








In addition to the traditional cards, we strongly encourage you to use a digital map, especially with the “open sources community”, like OpenStreetMaps. If you have a smartphone (or tablet), or a GPS device, this can be absolutely FREE.

A digital map becomes handy: it will guide you in your road trips, especially to easily reach the starting points of hiking.

It also becomes essential for hikes: download the .gpx files provided with our books on the electronic map which will guide you safely.

Rendering is excellent: see the screenshot (Samsung Galaxy III) below: