Import a free Dolomites digital map

Looking for the Italian Dolomites digital map to use Off-Line on OruxMaps ? 

Let ‘s install the map in OruxMaps!


1. Download a map from OpenAndroMaps to your PC :

Open the web browser address:


  • >  Map Downloads
  • >  Europe
  • >  Alps_Ost





  •  Save As and specify your PC download location.

It will take sometime depending on your connection speed (large file size).

Open the download location.

locate the zip file: Unzip it (right click, extract all).  It contains 3 parts:

  • andromaps_locus : you don’t need this one
  • andromaps_orux : unzip it: extract all. You will get the folder OAM. It contains:
  • 2 folders : patterns, symbols
  • file: .nomedia
  • 5 andromaps files : *_cycle, *_hc, *_hike, *_light, *_mtb



2. Download the map and OAM to your Android Smartphone (orTablet) :

Open and then close OruxMaps app. (It must have run once to create all folders)

Connect the Smartphone to your PC via USB cable. (You may need to install USB drivers for your phone. Check the manufacturer web site)

Open Windows file explorer. Point to the smartphone device and browse:2014-03-18_191337

Locate « oruxmaps » folder (red) and mapfiles (blue) & mapstyles (green) sub-folders.

2.1 Copy into « mapfiles » folder.

2.2  Copy folder OAM into « mapstyles » folder.

Open OruxMaps app: the map is ready for Off-Line use. Verify :

  • (1) its presence (Alps_Ost) in offline maps. (> Maps >offline)
  • (2) it actually works …

Want to know how ? Read How to use a digital map.

Alps_Ost one of the best vector maps proposed by OpenAndroMaps in partnership with OruxMaps. You will be amazed by the details when you zoom in !

This digital map is perfectly adequate for hiking if you add and follow our traces.

Remember to also carry a good paper map.