Les Dolomites Italiennes

How to use a digital map

Planning to hike in the Italian Dolomites, you did download Alps_Ost from OpenAndroMaps.

Let’s use it !


[1]   Verify offline map functionality:Carte1B

1.1  Verify OruxMaps Off-Line  maps

  • Open OruxMaps
  • Maps > Switch map > OFFLINE > Refresh

Alps_Ost is listed under OFFLINE maps.


1.2  Moving around on map

  • Open Alps_Ost map (GPS off).Carte7

The top bar show main commands:

Left to right icons:

  • 1. Record track
  • 2. WayPoints
  • 3. Routes & Traces
  • 4. Maps
  • 5. Settings


  • Move the map, by simply slide a finger on it.

Rendez-vous @ Cortina d’Ampezzo: move the map and pitch it to zoom in that location (above Venezia)


1.3  Zooming Carte2

3 wyas:

  • Pinch the screen. This will bring up underlying layers within the vector map


  • Use volume, + or  -. This is a display digital  zoom


  • Carte3Use Zoom in and Zoom out icons: Activate the left hand blue bar.
  • This is a combined zoom : first underlying layers, then on last layer digital zoom.


Zoom in and check Cortina one way streets!





1.4  Choose your “Mapstyle”

With vectorial maps, one can choose the mapstyles: it is a filter for the information displayed. For the same map, the mapstule will enable information for cars or for hikers or for cyclist for instance.





  • Settings > Preferences > Mapsforge style
  • For hiking, choose andromaps_hike




[2]  Let’s prepare for hiking …


2.1  You are ready to go out:


Reduce consumption, by turning off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, gsm data.

Activate GPS


You might have to tune screen brightness for outdoor reading.


2.2  Run OruxMaps

  • Select icon  « Maps », Switch map.map_select
  • Select Alps_Ost

The map from Dolomites is displayed.



Carte92.3  Activate the GPS in OruxMaps


  • tap the right vertical blue bar. GPS is enabled or disabled by tapping on the “radar” icon.




  • Once the GPS has enough satellites, OruxMaps red arrow shows your current position on the map.



2.4  You can:

  • Move around on map, simply drag it with your finger. Note GPS tracking gets disabled.


  • Zoom in  (you won’t need glasses anymore 🙂 !)

          (See § 1.3)





[3]   Hints :

  • Battery drain with GPS and OruxMaps use: be cautious and have a spare battery pack!
  • You should use our guides describing the trail and use your Smartphone loaded with our tracks for checkpointing from time to time.


Read on and follow us: Import tracks & How to follow a track