Les Dolomites Italiennes

How to follow a track

Now, you can use a digital map and you did import a track. Let’s move!

At starting point, turn off the phone Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GSM data.

[1]  Activate phone GPS (settings).

[2]  Open OruxMaps



  • Activate GPS tracking (radar icon)

see How to use a digital map.

[3]  Load the trace

  • OM24Click on icon « Routes-Traces », 3rd icon on top bar
  • Load KML/GPX file





  • OM23hit refresh, Choose Trace file.


  • Select the file.




2015-06-16 22.43.51OM31

On this expanded screenshot:

The Trace to follow in blue with arrows for the direction of the track.

The WayPoints in orange which are mentioned in our Guidebooks