Les Dolomites Italiennes

Hiking Italian Dolomites

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If you have experienced the Alps or the Pyrenees, If you did enjoy their marvelous landscapes and the rewarded effort to reach them,

If you are looking for another destination this summer ?

This site is for you !!!

 Gorgeous Alps …

The Dolomites peaks are gigantic.

Titanic, they can reach 3 343 m (Marmolada) with their walls of incredible verticality.

If you look closer, admire the details, how they are carved, stone towers and pinnacles adding to the beauty of the show. At twilight, they take splendid orange colour.

But Dolomites do not only feature beautiful mineral landscapes …

In lower grounds,  the Dolomites are also forests of fir and larch, so pretty in the autumn, beautiful valleys where alpine meadows extend multiple colored flowers in season, bucolic streams and waterfalls, peaceful lakes which reflect the sky and the surrounding peaks …

Our guidebooks’ aim is to guide the curious hiker to discover the main sites of the Dolomites, by carefully selecting trails crossing different areas to suit all tastes. The trails shall match a variety of hikers skills and abilities: beginner or experienced, ambitious or modest, family or athletic.

Keeping security in mind, we are sure all hikers will make the best of their stay in the Dolomites: Top rated hikes that you will love !