Les Dolomites Italiennes


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(translated from French).


Good News: 2018 Edition for Volumes 1 et 2 are available in French as well as a brand new guide Volume 3 dedicated to the Alleghe et Caprile area.

01/26/2018, Alain H. : All pdf and gpx files were downloaded fine. Congratulations for your tremendous work. Regards.

01/24/2018, Rodrigue : Just got all 3 volumes downloaded. Marvelous! Together they constitute an exceptional documentation. The illustrations are splendid 🙂 : I already dream of those future beautiful days where it will be good to hike. Thank you.


08/07/2017, Aurore (Belgium) : A short message to your attention after our return from the Dolomites and the use of your guide on Cortina. It is really well done and makes you want to spend the whole summer there, the area being so beautiful. We only had 4 days with young children but we were able to do the easy walks (Tre Cime, Lago Federa and Cinque Torri) that were really great! The descriptions are clear and completely accurate. Having additional tips about places with good food would be welcome for a well deserved meal after the hike … Keep up writing other guides !!! Thank you for the nice work.

  • Isabelle answers : Thank you for your comment. I am glad that the few walks (there are more in Volume 2) recommended to families with children have pleased you. Walking the Cinque Torri sector this season, I have new ideas to promote the area: to be discovered in the 2018 edition. On the other hand, there will be nothing more about places to eat tips… but you all can fill this gap: I am ready to open a specific section 😀 !

07/30/2017, Émeline : Thank you so much for your book. It’s simple, comprehensive and clear. Ideal for preparing our walks.

07/28/2017, René K. : We did hike 1.3, 3.2, 4.1, 4.4, 6.1, 11.4 et 13.1. Very beautiful hikes each time. They are very well detailed and the GPS only served us to check that we were on the right path, which was always the case with one exception: circuit 3.2. The description is too sparse, especially for the departure: we could get out only with the GPS help.
Thank you again for the prompt delivery of the book.

  • Isabelle answers,07/29 : Thank you for your comment. I am always interested in knowing which itineraries are chosen by my readers.
    I take note of your remark concerning the Setsass circuit (3-2). Busy preparing Volume 2 on Corvara, I have climbed to the summit of the Setsass 2 times in the last 2 years but arriving from Pralongia and it was 3-4 years ago that I did it by the Valparola side. I am currently working on the routes in the Alleghe-Caprile-Pelmo-Marmolada region, but I will find time to check 3.2 Setass tour and summit before the end of my stay.
  • … 08/07 : I have done circuit 3-2 this morning … with great pleasure. The views all along the course are really great. But thanks for alerting me: it is now difficult to find your way from the starting point. I am going to revise all the itineraries in Volume 1 sector 3 and I will grade them as “strenuous” because of the difficulties. The 2018 edition will benefit from your intervention 😀  !
07/25/2017, Isa W. : We are currently at La Villa (Dolomites) and we are delighted to have bought your books. We have already done several hikes of your book (Corvara) and really your explanations are well made and very precise. Congratulations!
Have you written other books for other mountain sites? THANK YOU.
  • Isabelle answers : Thanks for your nice comment. The weather is not too good these days! Besides the two books you know about the Dolomites, I have (co) written two books on Gran Canaria hikes, not as “mountainary” as the Dolomites 🙂  but it is a beautiful destination for those who want to walk in winter. (La Grande Canarie)

07/16/2017, Chantal & Dominique (Belgium) : We are just back from our journey in the Dolomites! For years, we have been hiking Alto Adige Alps (Vernagt, Sulden…). This time, what a wonderful discovery! We were thrilled by the Dolomites and all your hikes : the description is very precise, advice is always wise and relevant. Happy hikes, without any bad surprise.

07/15/2017, Claude D. : Just downloaded your guides, thanks for the fast delivery !

07/10/2017, MF : For our first trip to Dolomites, we did really appreciate your guides as we did not find anything in French before our leave. They were very useful on site for our six magnificent hikes. Your descriptions are very accurate and easy to follow. Thanks for the tremendous amount of work.

06/26/2017, JPF : Just downloaded your guides: they look very handy.

03/14/2017, Stéphane (Strasbourg) :   Thank you very much for your quick reply and fast delivery. Keep up the tremendous work, your guides are so valuable !

03/12/2017, Philippe (Lille) :  We bought volume 1 last year and it was very useful to us during our stay. Thank you for your work.

  • Isabelle replied : It’s nice of you to take time to share your experience and to inquire about volume 2.
03/07/2017, Brigitte C. : Volume 2 files were  received without any issue. Last summer, we did hike Cortina walks from Volume 1. “Bravo” for this precise and well studied work, the descriptions and the detailed waypoints are reliable, we had no bad surprise.

One problem: in Andraz, we could not park! Then for the “Spiz Ridge of Cenglei”, we did start from the Castello and returned on our own way  …

  •  Isabelle replied : Since the release of Volume 2, many inquiries from former satisfied readers, like you, are very encouraging. It is true that there are hardly any parking places in Andraz. You can actually park at the Castello and follow the circuit without changing the direction … but you will walk the easiest part firstly!

02/27/2017, Agnès A. : As a teenager, I always wanted to discover the Dolomites. Now 35 years later, with my husband, we have been enjoying,  day after day discovering the area of Cortina d’Ampezzo during a week.  Your guide is wonderful: you cannot get lost, as nothing is lacking. The degrees of difficulty as well as the walking times mentioned always match what we did experience. Everyday, we would take along the guide as well as the trail map wrapped in a plastic bag rolled and hung by a string to the waist: very handy! It is my pleasure to ask for   Volume 2: we are eager to discover Corvora area. A big thanks.


p9120575_r10/05/2016, Yves & Christine : in September we had a beautiful weather for exploring the Dolomites. We have been seduced by this region. Again thank you and congratulations for your book. We look forward to Volume 2, even if we still have some hikes to do from Volume 1..

  • Isabelle replied : Thanks for this nice Forcella Travenanzes picture. A beautiful late season this year with clear skies. Even in July and August, they don’t last beyond 10 am! I am progressing well on Volume 2, CORVARA hikes to be published in 2017! You should  start booking your accommodation in Corvara 🙂 ! .


9/14/2016, Agnès & Jean-Paul: Congratulations for your tremendous work putting together this high quality guide: perfect comments and traces! Our stay in the Dolomites was a pleasure. Thanks again.

9/4/2016, Annie B.: Thank you for this extremely well done and accurate guide. For our  first visit, we did enjoy discovering the Dolomite’s beautiful landscapes. We did not use a smartphone / GPS but a map and your guide. […].

The Tre Cime “not to be missed!” ?!? It’s beautiful but really crowded. So, it was not our favorite day. Otherwise, it was great. An advice to all: do not go in the Dolomites without this guide! Thank you and congratulations again.

  • 9/05/2016, Isabelle replied : Yes indeed, Tre Cime can be crowded, but it is a mythical place! You should have crossed the toll before 8 am  🙂 Other options are the more difficult routes 12-4 or 12-5 proposed in Volume 1.

7/30/2016, Olivier: Your guide is very well done. Today we did follow circuit 6-1 “South of the Tofana”. Please note:  The starting footpath is 442 instead of 404, which is a bit higher when you leave 403.

  • 7/31/2016, Isabelle replied : Thanks a lot for your fresh inputs. I will amend the guide accordingly. My latest map bought recently at Corvara’s Tourist office does confirm footpath n° 442, whereas on my reference OpenStreetMap, it is n° 404. Conclusion: despite our notes taking during the hikes, and careful proofing of our guides, errors may creep into the text. Thanks to each of you who take the time to report those issues.

7/30/2016, Isabelle & Benoit (Paris):  A big thank for this guide. Last week, we did discover the Dolomites, hiking each day. The landscape and the nature are different for each itinerary! We do recommend the accommodation “Locanda del Cantoniere”: beautiful rooms with amazing views. The location is ideal as a start point for hikes, except perhaps for the Tre Cime, which is about 45 minutes’ drive away.  Your guide is remarkable, very precise in details. We did not use GPS maps because we have IPhone. Once, we did fail to find the starting point for the hike “Cascades and Canyons” – suddenly we found ourselves on the wrong side! No worries, it was a good hike too.

Are you planning guides for other valleys in the Dolomites? Congratulations again.

  • 7/31/2016, Isabelle replied :Thank you. It’s always nice to read satisfied feedback from our readers. The Locanda del CANTONIERE‘s owners are surely wondering why they have so many hikers speaking French 🙂  … Last year, this accommodation was already recommended by our readers. Please be aware that our GPS tracks can be loaded into IOS iPhone or iPad apps (search App Store for “navigation offline GPX”). Once you get familiar, you will feel at ease and much more confident on your way! This way, next time, you will see the real ‘Waterfalls & Canyons”, beyond those from “Belvederes de Pian de Loa” 🙂 !
  • Yes, I’m working on Volume 2, CORVARA hikes to be published in 2017! You should  start booking your accommodation in Corvara 🙂 !

3/14/2016, Frédéric T. (Lyon) : With friends we are planning our holidays in the Dolomites for summer 2016. After researching for hikes around Cortina d’Ampezzo, I did find this site and I was pleasantly surprised by the concept. I did get the Volume 1 guide; I quickly got an answer and I could download it without any problem. Today, in my mail, there was an addendum to this guide with some extra hikes, which cover the entire Cortina ‘s area. The hikes seem very well explained and documented. A big “bravo” for this achievement !!

  • Isabelle replied : Thanks Frederick. You are the first to “comment” for this year … the summer hiking season is coming 🙂 ! Sending the free update of Volume 1 to all 2016’s edition owners is part of our service: 4 sites, 15 routes and 18 pages enrich the previous edition. What matters to us is to share our love of these beautiful mountains !


9/09/2015, Ludovic & Audrey : As Dolomites’ hotels are rather expensive … for young travelers like us, we did choose one of the campgrounds located south of Cortina. Using your walking guide, we did explore the sites and walks at different levels. What a treat ! What a lovely place ! We are coming back home, the head full of magnificent mountain landscapes. More than 1500 photos to sort out ! That will be a pleasure …

8/31/2015, Catherine A. (Paris) : I have been dreaming to walk in the Dolomites for years. By chance, I did find with enthusiasm Dolomites’ guide on the web, written by Isabelle who is a reference for her French Gran Canaria walking guides. I have not been disappointed either by the Dolomites that are so surprising, green and grassy in valleys and black, rocky on peaks, nor with Isabelle’s guide, well done and accurate, as usual: You cannot get lost. Our accommodation was a small hotel with very large rooms with balconies and great food, La Locanda del CANTONIERE, Ciasa Vervei, above Cortina.

  • 9/02/2015, Isabelle did answer : Catherine thank you for this nice message. I’m glad you did like it … Anyway, @ Ciasa Vervei you were ideally located for the hikes in Book 1!

08/19/2015, Véro & Yves : Congratulations for your very original concept. Having the ability to choose a route based on the weather, on the walking time, on ones’ physical (and mental :smile:) condition … all that in total autonomy: this is just great, a very big thank you !!!

8/12/2015, Bernard : Wonderful stay. Fabulous and great hiking mountains very big thank you !!!

7/29/2015, Martine : Thank you for the guide fast delivery.

7/27/2015, Claudie : Thank you for your guide’s help which enabled us to discover the Dolomites with confidence. We did not have any inconvenience, everything was fine.

7/19/2015, Pierre (Switzerland) : I wanted to thank you and congratulate you for your excellent and very useful hiking guide.